First Step Recovery House — A Sober Living Program Focused on Personal and Spiritual Growth First Step Recovery House, Headquartered at: 1174 North Ave., Burlington VT

  • FSRH requires continuous participation in AAINA group meetings, working the steps of the AAINA program, close interaction with a sponsor, community involvement and personal accountability. All residents are required to seek employment, enroll in school or volunteer. This requirement helps residents take responsibility for their own lives while providing a safe and supportive place to work through the challenges of early recovery.
  • Our primary mission is to help individuals with addiction problems lead successful alcohol/drug free lives.
  • First Step Recovery House was established by recovering addicts in 2007 for the purpose of providing individuals in early recovery with a program of personal and spiritual growth within a safe and supportive environment.
  • Our highly structured transitional living program is an essential step that improves the likelihood of a successful long-term recovery.


They are your brothers, sons, fathers, husbands, friends and co-workers. They are ordinary and extraordinary men struggling to overcome what is often a hidden but all too common disease—one that takes its toll not only on the addict, but also on his family, friends and community.

Program Highlights